"OK, OK, we'll give you an ongoing. Just call off the little girl!"

Darkwing Duck #4

BOOM! Studios (September 2010)

WRITER: Ian Brill
ARTIST: James Silvani
COVER “B” (shown): Sabrina Alberghetti
COVER “C”: Amy Mebberson
COLORIST: Andrew Dalhouse
LETTERER: Deron Bennett
EDITOR: Christopher Burns
DESIGNER: Erika Terriquez

Bulba gets rid of the Fearsome Four (by sending them to the HR Bot) while Darkwing takes down the villainous steer. After learning the full backstory of Bulba’s plan with Quackwerks (and it’s connection to the Gizmoduck suit), Gosalyn accidentally activates the suit and become “Gozmoduck”. Our heroes take down Bulba and Quackwerks is taken over by Scrooge McDuck, who appoints Launchpad the new CEO. Watching these proceedings are Negaduck and Magica De Spell.

What they got right: Even if it was a brief cameo, I like seeing Scrooge McDuck finally visiting St. Canard, and hopefully the teaser at the end means more crossovers between the two series. (Scrooge McDuck/Ducktales being the other one.) The first arc wraps up perfectly and sets up the next arc.

What they got wrong: I’d rather see Gosalyn take back her “Quiverwing Quack” identity rather than being Gizmoduck. I also want the REAL Gizmoduck to make a return.

Recommendation: Fan of the series? You want this comic.

I went for sentamentality over guard dogs riding guard flamingoes.

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