Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane

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Hope I skirted the druggie searches with that one. 🙂

Hark and Lo, for I bring to thee more love from Mrs. Spider-Man. First, from a Spidey strip last week:


Then there’s an ad making its way through the Marvel books this week.

Yes, that’s Peter shopping with Mary Jane, and not Carlie Cooper. The ad should have been produced recently enough that the change could have been made. (And how does Peter afford a 2011 car on the salary the writers allow him to earn, which I believe is none now that they nixed his teaching career and his freelance photography? I suppose it could be MJ’s, but that’s not the impression I get.)

More proof that decades of story mean nothing to the new writers, old writers be slagged.

I’m beginning to question whether or not to see this movie. If you read the G4 article, they make a good point. Why IS a dead ringer for Mary Jane playing…Gwen frickin’ Stacey? Besides, redheads are hotter than blondes.

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  1. Jan says:

    You know, its like Marvel just enjoys rubbing our faces in how much OMD sucked…


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