He can also turn into Sentai heroes that predate Power Rangers.

It’s true. Long time Saban-era Producer Jonathan Tzachor (currently producing Power Rangers Samurai) has said, and I think I reported this in a previous Wrap-Up, that he doesn’t consider the Disney-era series (Ninja StormR.P.M.) as canon, much like how Godzilla 1985 ignored every movie past the first one. (See also every Godzilla reboot over the years except the Hanna-Barbera cartoon and the current IDW comic.) This bothers me, as Disney not only treated the original shows as the same canon rather than doing a reboot, but celebrated at least two Ranger anniversaries. It’s not fair to them, or to Ranger fans who actually like the Disney era.

A few people over at the That Guy With The Glasses forums made note that in the current Sentai series, Gokaiger, the heroes can take on the suits and powers of their predecessors, including not only the Disney-produced shows but shows that predate Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. We’re wondering how that’s going to work for the Disney-era hating Tzachor. 🙂

Speaking of Jake & Leon, you may have noticed a new page popped up today. I’ve open the Jake & Leon archive page up to the public. I’ve been debating how I actually wanted the layout to work, but I’m just going with the huge gallery of 60+ comics. Anyone with a slower internet connection let me know how all those thumbnails pop up for you.

And with a thank you to long time Ranger fan guru SirStack for a picture of Tzachor I could use as a guide, we finally get to this week’s news wrap-up.


  • It appears that when Flashpoint concludes, there could be a lot of comic renumbering at DC. Add this to titles that will be canceled as a result (also reported in a previous Wrap-Up) and we add to how bad this particular event is going to be.
  • News from IDW’s Transformers/G.I. Joe panel.
  • In other IDW news, they’ll be taking over the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic.
  • Portal 2 comic! Do I have to say anything else?


  • We have a new Zod for the upcoming Superman film Man of Steel (not referred to as Superman: Man of Steel in the press release as the reporter points out) and sadly it isn’t Doug Walker. Michael Shannon will step into the role of the Kryptonian criminal. Just how much of this movie is taking place prior to Clark becoming Superman? We’re not getting Smallville all over again are we? Oh, right, Snyder going for realism with this one. This movie’s going to suck, isn’t it?
  • Despite the mixed reviews of Tron: Legacy we’re still getting a third Tron. Part of me wonders where the updated The Black Hole is and part of me would rather not see that, all things considered.
  • Upgrade to the Wonder Woman TV costume.

video games

in other news

  • In non-story related news: I’m against medical marijuana. I feel there are too many negatives to outweigh the positives. But if you eliminate the bad stuff, like they report in this article, I’m all for it.
  • It’s been part of science fiction for many years, but could we actually find Atlantis?
  • The Clutter Reports: Another organizing post, as I go through my old games cabinet to prepare to start going through my old games. I didn’t even remember I had Battle For Olympus. I wonder if I’ll like it. Yeah, that last sentence is pretty sad.
  • This Week’s Cracked: Like something out of Linkara’s “PSA Hell” episodes, 6 Comics That Covered Serious Issues And Failed Hilariously features the wrong spokespersons to fight drugs, Superman & Batman’s kids failing at understanding women, the thought that only gay people fight AIDS, totally screwing up the illegal immigration issue, and…well, I think the writer has his context wrong about #1, but I don’t think it makes sense either.

Best Scene of This Week’s Reviews

Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters #1

Yes, it does lose points for killing two kids.

Are you really that surprised I went with Godzilla? Are you really?

Small problem this week: with my folder nearly empty I went and picked up a Darkwing Duck collected GN, so there were only two comics this week. So there will be plenty of “Yesterday’s Comic” reviews and only one comic worth of a Best Scene of the Week nomination. That means no award next week.

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