Sonic Universe #27

Archie Comic (June 2011)

WRITER: Ian Flynn
PENCILER: Tracy Yardley
INKER: Jim Amash
COLORIST: Ray Dillon
LETTERER: Phil Felix
EDITOR: Paul Kaminksi

There’s not really a lot to discuss as a synopsis. The AU Freedom Fighters and Silver battle Enerjak and his Prelate-ized Chaotix. The fight goes back and forth until Enerjak goes a bit too far, causing Silver to power up for the final battle.

What they got right: This comic is all action, and that action is fantastic. Watching the battle between Silver and Enerjak go back and forth could be tedious, but it ends up keeping your attention. It helps that the artwork is well done.

What they got wrong: That doesn’t mean the story isn’t still padding out the four-part arc, and goes by rather quick. I finished it before I finished my bowl of cereal.

Recommendation: If you only pick up one of the two Sonic titles, it should be this one.

Tomorrow’s Comic> Transformers: Heart of Darkness #2


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