Eggman needs to work on his Terminator impression.

Sonic the Hedgehog #224

Archie Comics (June 2011)

WRITER: Ian Flynn
INKER: Terry Austin
COLORIST: Matt Herms
COVER CO-ARTIST: Jamal Peppers
LETTERER: John Workman
EDITOR: Paul Kaminski

As Sonic battles Ixis and the other Freedom Fighters take on Geoffrey, the villains seem to be winning popular opinion with both the people and the council. Even Elias is willing to hand the crown over to keep the peace, until the Death Egg returns.

What they got right: The battles are well done. Eggman and his forces are picking the right time to make their move and it does thrown an interesting monkey wrench in the works.

What they got wrong: I really hate the council. Ixis has been a known villain for a long time, and in the Free Comic Book Day offering this year we’re told that he wants to merge Mobius with the Zone of Silence. That sounds pretty evil to me. He also obtained the King’s fealty through blackmail, but the council is still debating what to do? That platypus lady (I don’t know all their names, just Hamilton and despite being the biggest jerk on the council even his first reaction is to take down the villain) annoys me the most, and I can see Sonic, if not the entire Freedom Fighter team, leaving the town in disgust after stopping Eggman.

Recommendation: I may hate the council but from an unbiased storytelling perspective it isn’t bad. You’ll have to judge for yourself, but I recommend at least giving it a fair look.

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