Kirby: Genesis #0

Dynamite Entertainment (2011)

WRITER: Kurt Busiek
ARTISTS: Jack Herbert & Alex Ross
COLORIST: Minicius Andrade
LETTERER: Simon Bowland
STORY: Kurt Busiek & Alex Ross

This first issue only contains a short preview story and a behind the scenes look at the premise. So this isn’t so much a review of the comic as it a review of the concept.

In the story and the promo material after, we learn Kirby came up with an idea for the plaque that was on Pioneer 10, the space probe launched in the 1970’s. In our real world this was a bit for the Los Angeles Times but in the world of this comic (aka the Kirbyverse) it was put in place of the one NASA did use. This is the focus of the series, as the probe attracted some strange visitors, and Earth is in a heap of trouble. We also meet some normal humans who are destined to be drawn into the battle between some of Kirby’s most powerful characters.

These characters weren’t designed for Marvel and DC–well, some of them were but were never used–but for his own projects, including independent publishing company Pacific Comics, intended animation projects, or stuff that were never fully developed before his passing in 1994. These lost or unused characters were given new life, or life for the first time, by the creative team of Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross. I love Busiek’s writing, and having him attempt something in the Jack Kirby mode should be at least interesting. Readers of my site know how irritated I am by Ross’ vision of the Phantom. However, I would never deny he has great talent, even if his personal style translates better to covers and stand-alone artwork than it does the comic style. (Granted this is a matter of personal taste.) I think this is the right team for the job, may they not prove me wrong.

Ross won’t be doing all the artwork, just certain scenes and characters that require a different feel, perhaps on a more cosmic level. For everyone else we have Jack Herbert on art and Vincius Andrade on colors. (Ross will continue via layouts and art direction, which he CAN pull off in a comic style and beautifully at that.) If the art in this book is any indication this is also in good hands, right down to the “Kirby Crackle”, a signature part of Kirby’s art style when it comes to a release of cosmic energies.

The three normal humans who will be out gateway into this new world are introduced to us at a younger age than they will be in the series, but they also have some good potential.

Articles I’ve read about this series made me curious, but having spent a dollar on this preview I’m sold on the concept. I will be keeping my eye on this series.

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