So we’ve seen what Microsoft and Sony have to offer, so what about the last of the console creator, Nintendo? Let’s just get right into it, since you heard their big announcement already.

It’s kind of odd they started with a four minute concert. I know they wanted to save the new console for last. One reviewer I saw said that it might have been there for a calming effect. Everyone was buzzing about this “Project: Cafe” and what it would be, so having this would calm everyone down and help them focus on the other things they wanted to show off first. I think he has a good case. And I wouldn’t mind getting that CD. It’s some good music.

  • What is it with upgrading graphics on old games this E3? First the original Halo and now The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
  • They also spent 15 minutes on Zelda alone. I know it has a big fanbase and it’s their anniversary, but that still seems a bit long.
  • OK, so they realize that now that they’ve reached the casual gamers it’s time to unite them with the hardcore gamers. Hardcore gamers are still against this, of course, because they don’t realize THIS IS HOW YOU SHUT UP THE JACK THOMPSONS OF THE WORLD!
  • There isn’t a lot to be done with Mario Kart so slight tweaks are the way to go. In this case flying and underwater areas.
  • Using the game unit itself to control the fighters in the new Starfox game seems to be counterproductive to the 3DS’s 3D feature. To get the full 3D experience you have to have the unit at a particular angle or it doesn’t work. On the other hand, having your friends’ faces in place of the other pilots in multiplayer is a nice touch.
  • A 3D Super Mario game should have been a launch title, but at least we’re finally getting one. (Now just make one in first person. 🙂 ) Instead of just the raccoon tail (because everyone loves Super Mario Bros. 3 and has been wanting it back), you get a full Tanooki suit. I wonder if it still turns you into a statue at will?
  • It looks like Kid Icarus: Uprising will succeed where Duke Nukem Forever seems to have failed (from what I hear, I’m not into Duke Nukem) and be a proper update to the original. Plus the augmented reality cards. How well do those work, 3DS owners?
  • I’m just happy to see Luigi finally getting some love, but I guess with little chance of a “Player 2” in the new Super Mario game they had to do something with him. Luigi has his fans, too. And it’s not a remake of Mario Is Missing, so keep the faith Luigi faithful.
  • Resident Evil, Metal Gear, Driver…they’re getting some serious titles for 3DS.
  • I’ve never played Excitebike so someone will have to tell me if that is good news.
  • The complimentary PokĂ©dex 3D sounds fun to mess with.
  • It’s interesting that Reggie has to make the name Wii U sound good. 🙂
  • I’m trying to figure out why they couldn’t adapt the Wii U controller to the current Wii? The big problem here is that they didn’t really specify what the Wii U was, so it took further interviews to learn it was an HD gaming system with a new controller.
  • I’m glad they stressed that the Wii U controller wasn’t a portable gaming system. Still, I wonder what the range is? Could you play it from a different room, for example?
  • You realize that he’s already sold this system just by announcing Smash Brothers might work along with the 3DS, right?
  • One wonders if the tech demos will be collected for the Wii U launch? I saw them in action on Nintendo’s E3 website, and they did look promising.
  • I think what bugs me most about the Nintendo conference is that there is a lot saying what things could do and not what it is doing. Especially when it comes to Wii U.

So how well did they do? The next day their stock dropped because investors are worried that Nintendo is more interested in new hardware than games on that hardware. They didn’t specify on stage if the Wii U was going to be a new HD console or just a new controller; they had to confirm in interviews afterwards that this is a new console. I suppose only time will tell if this gambit pays off. Personally, I was more interested in the 3DS announcements than the new console news. Then again, I don’t have an HD TV or the regular Wii.

Tomorrow I’ll go over what I heard and tell you which announcements I was actually excited about.

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