It’s green versus green this edition. Of course, it should be noted that “beating” the Hulk could be as easily as surviving. It’s rare when the Hulk is knocked out. Hal Jordan, on the other hand, gets knocked out every other Tuesday. (Because he’s the greatest Green Lantern ever, right Johns?)

Tonight offering comes from a time long forgot, when the DC/Marvel rivalry was good-natured and fun. Now it’s more like Yankees fans versus Red Sox fans, or XBox versus Playstation. (Although they will team up to after Nintendo, so slag both sides.) I wonder what the fate of Access is today?

Smokin’ Joe round 4

Oh, crud, that right. I missed round 4 for that convention I didn’t get to attend thanks to the forefront of Irene.

Smokin’ Joe round 5

The Battlefield: Unlimited Access #1 (Marvel/DC – December, 1997) “No Time Like The Present!”

The Promoters: Karl Kesel (writer), Pat Ollife (penciler), Al Williamson (inker), Jim Novak (letterer), Greg Wright (colorist), Tom Brevoort (editor), and Mike Carlin (consulting editor)

Long story short: Axel Asher, the “Access” between the Marvel and DC Universes, has ended up in the past of the DC Universe. The Hulk from around that time has also ended up there, and Access is having trouble getting them home. Luckily, someone comes around when Hulk gets mad about this.

I guess the gloves are off.

Hulk responds to a green fist with a green fist of his own.

Later they talked about how much they've learned to hate the color red.

Hal tries to tie Hulk in chains, but even Hal’s supposed willpower can’t create strong enough chains to hold the Strongest One There IsTM. So what can?

Someday the Americans will get Godzilla right. Someday.

And it works…for a few seconds. Hulk just grabs Access and heads off, the “cosmic hall monitor” finally able to open a portal. Sure, Hal didn’t knock Hulk out, or kill him or anything, but he made the Hulk run off. Maybe Hulk’s heart wasn’t in the fight, but this is as close to a victory as Hal is going to get off of the big green, so we’ll call it such.

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