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Archangels: The Saga #7

Eternal Studios (December, 1998)

CO-CREATORS: Patrck Scott, John Leger, Andy Orjuela
PLOT: Patrick Scott, John Leger
PENCILER: Scott Sirag
INKER: Russ Sever
COLORISTS: James & Jason Harrell, Rob, Ian, Alex
EDITOR: Teresa Leger
ADDITIONAL EDITS: Paul Varney, Kurt Stoll

I’m not sure what happened last issue, since I never got it, or two issues that ends this 9-issue maxi series. What I can tell is that Nicole has been hurt and Justin, now plague free, is on the tower he and his friends used to hang out on trying to decide whether or not to jump. Of course, Phayln is trying to convince him to jump, and the other Vrakil are keeping the angels at bay until Nicole arrives. One of the demons is able to get Nicole hurt, which not only works against their plan but brings the Spirit of the Lord (the being from issue 1) into the game.

I can’t find anything wrong with this point in the story and I’m honestly wondering what Nicole’s fate is. The last time we saw him, he recovered every soul in the car accident save for Justin, so has he come to heal her or take her to heaven. I’m hoping it’s the former, but sadly I was never able to find issue #6 or #8-9. I finally found a site online that sells the individual issues (the official site only sells the sets) so hopefully after my collection is readjusted and I have some money I can pursue them. Again, some of the early issues have been week but the story over all the issues is interesting (even with the 90’s style panel layouts) and if you come across it you should take a look.

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