I ask again, am I getting an ego or just getting better? Last year didn’t require two posts to go through what I thought was my best work. Of course, this was the year that gave us Flashpoint and new Godzilla comics. That may have played a factor, especially in the second half. Flashpoint was finally announced and the more we heard the less I liked. And other stuff happened, too. So here’s the rest of the best of year 3 at the Spotlight.

  • ShadowWing’s Flashpoint Theories: Give me credit, folks. I was two for three on this one. All we knew at the time was that the reboot was coming. This was my knee-jerk reaction based on the extended media (TV and movies mostly). I’m still not as prolific as Snell is, though.
  • GoBots: A BW Video Review: The Film Renegado (now a co-worker since we’re both on Reviewers Unknown) started a project called “The Multi-Reviewaverse Collaboration”, where anyone who takes part mimics the style of another reviewer. (It’s kind of the video reviewer equivalent of the Friday Night Fights.) The reviewer was Linkara and my entry (which didn’t win and may not of even gotten a vote) was a review of the GoBots illustrated booklet used to promote the toyline. I plan to return to Gobotron soon for my next video. More on that in due time.
  • Ninja Ballerina Stage 2: Now if I can just get to work on stage 3. Too many distractions lately.
  • Retroactivity: My recent interview with Frank McLaughlin convinces me more than ever that “Retroactive” should be at least a regular series.
  • Super Failure & How Is Superman “Too Iconic”?: These two articles state my reaction to how they’re screwing up Superman. George Perez’s run is at least minimizing the damage because at least he know how to write a Superman story, even through DC’s edicts.
  • YouTube and you: In which I take not only YouTube to task, but the media companies and posters. Nobody is fully sparred from the wrath of the Winged Shadow!
  • BW Video Interview: A Historian’s View On Race In Comics: An interview with Professor William H. Foster III, who has written two books on race in comics. And after I post it?
  • Well, Lois did it once & The new Ultimate Spider-Man: Racially motivated changes to the Superman movie (Perry White, mainly) and Ultimate Spider-Man. One bugged me, one didn’t, but both have their reasons.
  • The Problem With Ms. Martian’s Panties: While Ozzie and I were still talking about my joining RU after the site relaunch (which unlike DC’s relaunch didn’t affect continuity), I wrote an article disagreeing with one of his articles. And he still picked me up. Wonder if I’m allowed to retool this one for RU after the holiday’s though. 😀
  • Art & Story: The Big Eulogy: The podcast is gone but thankfully the people behind it work on.
  • Video Game Clutter – Overview: This will probably be the only episode I post at the Spotlight unless I need filler, but one of my video projects is for The Clutter Reports, as I go through my video collection. My next episode will be worked on after the currently planned BW Video Review.
  • Justice League #1: the good and the bad: For a flagship title, they should have just called it Titanic. It sinks about as well.
  • My problem with Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters: Or the reason Siskoid put me on his Christmas card list, just so he could take me off of it. 🙂
  • IDW’s New “5-Year Mission”: AKA the original Star Trek series with an Abrams paint job.
  • BW Vs. IO9: Edits George Lucas Should Have Made: With news that George Lucas was again tweaking his movies (this time for both Blu-Ray and 3D releases), a writer for IO9 posted her thoughts on what she wanted to see. I countered those thoughts and later put up some of my own. I don’t believe she’s returned the favor. Or even knew I wrote this. Or would have cared.
  • My introduction to Starfire: I don’t care that it’s an out-of-continuity, anti-drug comic. It was written and drawn by her creators, who SHOULD know how to depict her. By the way, DC And Lobdell STILL do not understand why we’re pissed off about it. Typical.
  • NOT Going Where No One Has Gone Before: In which I learn where Star Trek: The Next Generation could have gone horribly wrong. Especially the part with Yar and Wesley. {shudder}
  • Jake & Leon: Year Two: October is the anniversary of my little Sunday commentary strip.

And since four days of power outage and the catching up that followed meant that half-way through November we don’t have any major articles this month, that does it for the third year of BW ramblings. What’s ahead in year four? Hopefully finishing my “test comic”, more videos, more Jake, more Leon, and obviously more articles that go on and on. Join us if you dare.

About ShadowWing Tronix

A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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