Doctor Strange is jealous that the others have awesome movies and he doesn't.

Marvel Adventures: Super Heroes #21

Marvel Comics (February, 2012)

COVER ARTISTS: Carlo Pagulayan, Jeff Huet, & Chris Sotomayor
LETTERER: Dave Sharpe
PRODUCTION: Mayela Gutierrez
EDITOR: Tom Brennan
SENIOR EDITOR: Stephen Wacker
STORY 1: “The Big Idea”
WRITER: J.M. DeMatteis
PENCILER: Wellinton Alves
INKER: Nelson Pereira
COLORIST: Bruno Hang
STORY 2: “Super Troupers”
WRITER: Jen Van Meter
ARTIST: Pepe Larraz
COLOR ARTIST: Andres Mossa

In the first story, Dr. Strange calls on Captain America to help battle a demon. In the Hulk story, it’s Bruce’s turn to be taken in by a circus while on the run from mercenaries after the Hulk.

What they got right: Captain America wins just because he’s Captain America. I can get behind that, done right. Also, usually it’s the Hulk who finds a temporary sense of belonging in the circus, but this time it’s Bruce and I also like that.

What they got wrong: While the art wasn’t bad in the first story the colors seem rather muted compared to the cover, which has the art team that I wish did the insides of the book. This is especially true for the second story. I’ve seen worse art easily, but I personally wasn’t into it.

Recommendation: Not a bad comic but considering what I’m used to with this title it didn’t hit me quite as well as other issues. Still, it’s at least worth a look.

Couldn’t decide on a Best Scene.

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