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  1. Nick Cochran says:

    I wonder if they plan to pack the C with great comic action. That would make it a little bit cooler, but I really think that it stinks.


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  3. That top logo is a prime example super lame, web 2.0 action swoop that pretty much dominated every logo made during the time. It’s extremely dated. I don’t like it at all. I think the new logo (with the personalizations to each comic http://io9.com/5877727/behold-the-new-dc-comics-logo) is much better, but the old 1976 logo is probably the best and most recognizable. Definitely would have been happier if they re-integrated that theme…

    that said…in the grey and black, I think the new logo is boring and uninspired…follow that link to see the personalizations and i think that gives it a whole new life…


    • I’ve seen it and will go into it sometime next week. Basically, it’s the same lifeless logo with better colors. It MIGHT work better for interactive projects or where it can move but on covers and packaging it doesn’t have any style to it.


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  5. Rich Bennett says:

    I always liked the 1976 Milton Glaser designed DC “Bullet” mark and was sad to see it go back in 2005. The 2005 mark grew on me, though and I came to really like it. This new mark is pure $#!+, though. It looks like it was designed by someone who has no idea what comic books are and what they are about. This is the same “haute design” trend that is permeating today’s media, which is for the most part, bland, boring and painfully derivative. The fact they felt it was necessary to lock up the new mark with a text logo treatment just shows how weak it is. The new mark cannot stand on its own and convey to the audience what it represents. Major fail! This rates right up there with the GAP’s logo re-imaging debacle from a few years back and JC Penney’s newly minted and craptastically executed “JCP-inna-box” campaign. I say bring back the 2005 logo for the mass market and let the DC Entertainment mother ship go get there own visual identity.


    • I think my biggest problem with some of the company designs these days is that they’re uniform, like they’re afraid to stand out in case someone thinks they’re silly. Instead, it becomes boring.


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