Maybe if they had better commercials?

Sometimes a joke just comes to me. Occasionally it might even be a good one.

Word is coming out that singer/actress Whitney Houston passed away at the young age of 48. In years passed she struggled with drug abuse but at this time it is not believed to be a direct cause, as in she wasn’t using at the time. Possibly more tragic is Don Cornelius committing suicide. Hollywood Memoir reports that he was suffering from dementia and declining health. Tragic passings for the music world.

  • The Clutter Reports: Not surprising with me being a Godzilla fan, I picked up the Godzilla Criterion Collection. This is a brand new release featuring interviews, both versions of the movie, and the most fascinating commentary track I’ve ever heard.
  • Reviewers Unknown: A few added bits to my Super Bowl 2012 ad review. Also check out fellow RUer Test Zero’s countdown. I actually considered doing a video review and trying to do one with him. Before I could contact him, however, I got my work schedule for the week and there was no way I could even do one with just me.

Best Scene of This Week’s Reviews

Justice League International #6

What can I say? It's a good speech.

This week saw only three comics being picked up, one of which is a repeat. Best Scene will hopefully be easier next week.


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