Well, if you're going to ignore what happens in the story like Ross does, at least we get a nice shot of Princess.

Battle of the Planets #8

Image Comics/Top Cow (April, 2003)

Somehow this became part 3 of “Worst Case Scenario”, which wasn’t the title last issue. I have no idea why. Also, this is the first time we’re told this is a 12 issue maxi series. Which ends on a cliffhanger. Consider this paragraph an early edition to “What they got wrong”

WRITER: Munier Sharrieff
PENCILER: Wilson Tortosa
COLORISTS: Shane Law, Angelo Tsang, Calvin Lo, & Jaime Noguchi (did they really need all those colorists?)
LETTERERS: Robin Spehar & Dennis Heisler
MANAGING EDITOR: Renae Geerlings

With two members of G-Force lost, Jason and Princess are the only ones who can invade the Spectra-controlled Central West. Princess thinks she can counteract Spectra’s control, if they get a chance. Meanwhile, Tomak reveals to Anderson that he is actually an agent of planet Riga and is also working to stop Spectra. Back in Central West, Spectra invades in force while Keyop and Mark are revealed to be Zoltar’s prisoners.

What they got right: The stakes are getting higher and G-Force is being pushed to their limits, not out of some perverse attitude (or it doesn’t appear so) like some writers I read today in interviews (“I’m having so much fun making my characters suffer”–bet they’re the type that burned ants with magnifying glasses, too). It’s all for the story.

What they got wrong: Besides the aforementioned problem of not knowing what your story arc is called and the usual cover issues, this “revelation” about Tomak seems to come out of nowhere. Until last issue there was no evidence that I ever saw. Guess they wanted to make him a “good guy” but the full revelation coming up just brings questions.

Recommendation: see the reviews of every issue before this

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