Someone should tell Prin that the comic isn't in 3D.

Battle of the Planets: Princess #5

Image Comics/Top Cow (April, 2005)

WRITER: David Wohl
ARTIST: Wilson Tortosa
DESIGN/LETTERER: Robin Spehar & Dennis Heisler

After a last-minute call by Anderson, Red Impulse pulls away, and Mark follows all the beetles to an uncharted island. Princess joins the team there and she and Mark hunt for Keyop and the other captured kids, who are being taken as part of Spectra’s experiment to use kids as a power source. The duo sneak into Spectra’s base and finds the beetles. Princess goes off on one that’s still moving and the two science ninja teammates find themselves surrounded by Spectra agents.

What they got right: The wounds of this mini haven’t healed, but the team comes together by necessity. I like this. It isn’t waved aside.

What they got wrong: Kids being kidnapped was also Spectra’s plan in the last miniseries, Manga. I doubt this comic was aimed at kids, even it isn’t necessarily kid-unfriendly. So involving kids to this extent makes me curious.

Recommendation: A good loosely-based adaptation of an episode. (What, you thought I forgot?) Still recommended.


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