“That last piece of cake is MINE, little brother.”

Mega Man #18

Archie Comics (December, 2012)

“Proto-Type” part 2: “The Lonely Road”
WRITER: Ian Flynn
PENCILER: Chad Thomas
INKER: Gary Martin
COLORIST: Matt Herms
LETTERER: John Workman
COVER ART: Sanford Greene
EDITOR: Paul Kaminski

Off on his own, Blues is dying from his damaged power core and unfamiliar with robots of the time. When he starts rescuing people he realizes a purpose and questions his opinion of Dr. Light until he returns home and sees Rock and Roll. Now near death, he comes across Dr. Wily and his new find.

What they got right: Proto Man’s backstory of helping people and battling evil is rather hardwired into the character, although I admit to not knowing if this was official at Capcom. Fans have accepted it and this makes him look less like Wolverine and more sympathetic. He’s not trying to be a “badass” but simply helping people and in at least one fight looks like a badass without shoving it down the reader’s throat that he’s a badass. Unlike some versions of Proto Man/Blues in fan and approved fiction, I don’t want to smack this guy upside his metal head. We even get a nice moment with Drs. Light and Wily.

What they got wrong: The backup story I didn’t even think to mention, “Cold Feat”. (Jamal Peppers on penciling duties.) It has Guts Man called in by Ice Man to help add to an expansion to a research facility but thinks he’s supposed to stop the glacier they’re studying. It just makes Guts Man look like a moron rather than over-enthusiastic and just felt unnecessary.

Recommendation: A nice conclusion to the Proto Man story arc. Pick it up along with the previous issue.

The whole fight was good but this starting defense was the coolest part. Even cooler than when he blew up one of their bikes and caught the guy.

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