I don’t read the current Voltron comic. I couldn’t get past the first arc with all the changes they made. I’d rather go back and read a good comic. I’m not doing that this time. While the Devil’s Due series re-imagined the series away from the GoLion source material as well they did a great job of keeping the spirit alive. At least until A Legend Forged but I’m pretty sure I reviewed that one already.

Back when the series came out, a company called Modern Publishing attempted a three-part series. I wouldn’t call it bad exactly. The characterizations were right, the artwork was servicable, and the stories at least readable. That said, it lacked a certain level of motivation. The Ro-Beasts were recycled versions of ones that had appeared in the show. Contrast that to the comics I wrote on folded paper, where I introduced a bug-eyed, self-repairing Ro-Beast. In other words this comic didn’t have the imagination of a 6th grader.

Friday Night Fights clean logo

“Assassin” round 11

The Battlefield: Voltron #2 (Modern Publishing; 1985)

The Promoters: Henry Vogel (writer), Chuck Wojtkiewicz (penciler), Cathy Orlando (inker), Mark Lerer (letterer), and Rich Ayers (colorist)

Typical Lance tried to tackle a Ro-Beast on his own and had to work on repairs while the others fought the monster. Well, repairs are done, interlocks have been activated, diotherms connected, and all that other stuff.

FNF-Assassin11a FNF-Assassin11bFNF-Assassin11c

If that Ro-Beast looks familiar, it’s a dead ringer for the first one Voltron fought with some minor color changes.

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click to vote in this week’s tournament

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