TMNT Micro Series Color Classics- Leonardo

“New figures? Quick everyone, to Toys R Us!”

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Color Classics: Leonardo Micro-Series One-Shot

IDW Publishing (April, 2013)

“What Goes Around Comes Around!”
STORY/ART: Kevin Eastman & Peter Laird
OTHERS CREDITED: Bissette, Dooney, Lawson, Brown, Lavigne
IDW COLORS: Scorpion Studios

As his family sets up April’s for Christmas, Leonardo gets a present he doesn’t want from the Foot Clan; a beating and the return of the Shredder! Story continues in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Color Classics) #10.

What they got right: As the best fighter of the team (Raph is the best brawler before his fans start on me) it makes sense that Leo is shown for his ninja fighting skills. Training and being a ninja are big things to him and it defines him as a character.

What they got wrong: I don’t know. Part of me would like to see more about his personal side. In the second animated series, which used this and I’m guessing the next issue of the main series (of the original comics) as part of a storyline, we had the other characters talking about Leonardo and what he means to each of them, which I would have liked to see here.

Recommendation: Events lead into events in the main story, and Leonardo versus waves of ninjas is cool on its own. Get this comic.

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