GI Joe & The Transformers #2

Shockwave plans his vacation.

G.I.Joe & The Transformers #2

Marvel Comics (February, 1987)

“Power Struggle”
WRITER: Michael Higgins
ARTIST: Herb Trimpe
INKER: Vince Colletta
COLORIST: Nel Yomtov
EDITOR: Robert Harras

Superion’s attempt to rescue Bumblebee’s remains meets resistance from the Joe team but he leaves when learning of Optimus Prime’s death. As the Joes try to put the pieces together Shockwave takes the reins (as Megatron is in a funk after Prime’s death) and takes control of Power Station Alpha. Dr. Mindbender is able to rest control of the station leading to a battle with the Joes. Cobra escapes by attacking a cruise ship that happens to have G.B. Blackrock among the passengers. Cobra and the Decepticons form an alliance over the station, but what are the Con’s real plans?

What they got right: The art improved somewhat on the robots (except Dirge). Hawk and the lady senator are forming a relationship but not having followed the G.I. Joe comic I don’t know what, if any, build up was involved. I also like that they’re actually following a victim of Bombshell’s cerebro-shell. We never did find out if Ricky still has one of those things and if it could be reactivated or even what his fate finally was. Here we see Anthony and his mother dealing with the shell’s effects making for an interesting sub-plot.

What they got wrong: How did Hawk get back inside the base when last issue he was outside when Superion landed demanding Bumblebee’s remains? And why did Superion not take Bumblebee with him? I know Optimus is gone and all Autobots were ordered back, but does Bumblebee mean that little to everyone?

Other notes: The subplot involving the cerebro-shell will become a plot point later on. There’s a minor continuity hiccup. As we’ll see tomorrow in the review of the next issue of The Transformers, Megatron didn’t spend a lot of time in the new island base, but has been in the coal mine as of recent. They do get right that he isn’t doing as well as he should concerning the end of his hated nemesis, and that gets explained in that comic as well. I’m thinking part of this story takes place before issue #25 and some after since Shockwave re-assumes leadership of the Decepticons which doesn’t really happen until the events of #25.

I also wonder how the Joes seem completely oblivious to the existence of Transformers when they’ve been on the news and hunted by a similar military force (RATT) to their own. They should at least know what Transformers are. What I do know about Joe continuity is that Cobra Commander is dead (he gets better) and Serpentor is now in charge, although Mindbender takes the front of the negotiations with the Decepticons.

Analysis: This issue build well on the events of the previous issue, but continuity with the Transformers comic has issues and for all I know the same is true with G.I. Joe. But so far they’re doing well enough.

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