Here’s what’s happening, kids. Our MC, Fred of, has faced a fight he can’t win…his family. He’s off to a vacation Friday, so the Friday Night Fights will post Friday morning, at 10 AM ET. Due to my posting schedule this is the best time for me to post my entry, unless I trades places with the Midnight “Yesterday’s” Comic posting. I was told posting here was fine so here we go.

Not every fight has to be a huge spectacle of fists and lasers. Sure, they’re the cool ones, but here’s a bit of quick thinking from Superman, because with all his powers, sometimes moving straight forward into danger could get someone else hurt. Being all-powerful is nothing when you can’t use your head, too.

Friday Night Fights clean logo

What, I’m not changing the logo for one week.

“Wright” Round 12

The Battlefield: Superman #352, as reprinted in DC Retroactive: Superman-The 80’s (DC Comics, October, 1980/2011) “Day Of Destiny”

The Promoters: Marv Wolfman (writer), Curt Swan (penciler), Frank Chiaramonte (inker), Adrienne Roy (colorist), and Shelly Leferman (letterer)

"Except for all that lead, I guess, but I'm sure you guys will give me some of yours the same way, right?"

“Except for all that lead, I guess, but I’m sure you guys will give me some of yours the same way, right?”

But since this is the 80’s, we can’t have dead kids at DC! Now here’s the problem. Sure, Superman is faster than a speeding bullet, but it has a shorter distance to travel, so there’s a good chance that if he just rushes in to stop him the kid’s getting some new holes. So how to get out of this situation?

"Yeah, but he's not doing much for road work."

“Yeah, but he’s not doing much for road work.”

Sometimes the lesser threats can be the hardest to solve.

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click to vote in this week’s tournament


I’ll post a reminder tomorrow, but voting for the final round of this edition of Friday Night Fights, will actually be in the morning, 10 AM eastern time. Forum membership is NOT required to vote, only to comment. The winners of these 12 rounds head to the Prize Fight and since this is the last round you won’t be able to join us until the next tournament.


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