First off, sorry there was no “Today’s Comic” posting. I’ll have that up tomorrow. Things are a bit hectic right now.

Tonight’s fight, however, comes from the comic I DID get up this morning. I told you how Sho the Guyver defeated Aptom. Would you like to see it?

Friday Night Fights clean logo

“Sugar Ray” round 9

The Battlefield: Bio-Booster Armor Guyver part 4 #4

The Promoters: Yoshiki Tokaya (writer/artist), Fred Burke & Toshifumi Yoshida (translation) and Bill Spicer (touch-up art and lettering)

I’m not going to show you the whole fight because it’s nearly the entire comic. Aptom (he’ll be your monster for the fight) used his special acid to try and damage the Guyver’s chest, source of his “Mega Smasher” weapon. Instead, Sho blocked it with his arms so now his arms are too damaged to open the chest plate.

Sugar Ray 09a

“Um, your chest is on fire. You may want to see a doctor about that.”

However, Aptom tormented Sho about his dad and then threatened the love interest. NEVER threaten the love interest.

Sugar Ray 09b

Oh no! He’s lactating!

Wait, is he going to blow up his own chest to use his weapon?

Sugar Ray 09c

Sorry, ladies.

Aptom is shocked that Sho can open the Mega Smasher automatically because he’s never done it before. In fact, both Guyvers needed to open it by hand.

Sugar Ray 09d

But it’s hard to argue with the results.

Sugar Ray 09e

The Guyvers were actually created for landscaping.

Sadly, Aptom seemed to be recovering from that because his arm survived. Bio-Booster Armor Guyver has more severed arms per capita than Star Wars.

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