My copy is missing the cover. It's that heavily read.

My copy is missing the cover. It’s that heavily read.

Yesterday it was mood, today it’s scheduling–I’m hoping tomorrow I can finally get the commentary I teased yesterday done. Still, this is interesting.

The final chapter of the “Arkham” games has a trailer out. This newest (final?) chapter in the series appears to not involve the Joker. The trailer is a note from Thomas Wayne to his son, Bruce, and it’s well done.

It appears the Scarecrow is the bigger threat this round. Personally this seems above Dr. Crane’s planning but that doesn’t mean there won’t be a good story it in. Plus I like the new Batmobile. It’s what the Tumbler from the Nolan films should have been. The game comes out for Playstation 4, X-Box 1, and the PC later this year. Not listed is the WiiU and that seems like a shame to me.

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