Ultraman #4 (ongoing)

And you thought only Superman had to put up with this?

Ultraman #4

Harvey/Nemesis (September, 1994)

“The Return Of Gudis” part 2: “The Source of Strength”
WRITER: Larry Yakata
PENCILER: Ernie Colon
INKER: Alfredo Alcala
COLORS: In color
COVER ART: Lee Weeks
LETTERER: Dan Nakrosis

In the first battle of the Ultramen both run out of time and revert to human form. Ace is attacked by Raptor who escapes when UMA arrives, who leaves a battered Ace alone and he’s later attacked by a gang before making it to his home. Then Gudis sends poisoned gas over the city to flush out Ultraman, who awakens just in time to trap Gudis and Raptor on an asteroid and send it off into space.

What they got right: After the second fight Ultraman and Ace are blasted just as they’re shifting forms and are temporarily sent into their histories. There are cameos by other Ultramen although I can’t say I recognize them at all. Again, the idea of an evil Ultraman is one I can get behind.

What they got wrong: Ace has some vision of his family who changed their last name out of family shame many generations ago in the time of the samurai. And that matters why? Yakata also has Ultraman pulling powers out of nowhere while saying he has powers Gudis is unaware of. Ultraman shrinking to human size is nothing new, granted. But what’s with the gravitational powers and shouldn’t Raptor be dead when he’s pulled into jelly along with Gudis on the asteroid? Which by the way is an anticlimactic end to this arc.

Recommendation: If you want to see Ultraman: Towards The Future in comic form, I think you should stick to the Ultracomics imprint rather than the Nemesis one. I’ve read three of Yakata’s story and it feels like he wanted to make his own character and ignore the show but still use Gudis for some reason. McDuffie’s stories (at least the first two since I don’t have the third) were much better as an adaptation and as a story.

And I’m all out of this series of Ultraman comics. Next week it’s one issue of a different Ultraman comic before getting into another, FULL series.

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