I know someone’s been waiting for this one.

Godzilla #12 (Marvel)

The day Godzilla joined the Nova Corps.

Godzilla #12

Marvel (July, 1978)

“The Mega-Monsters From Beyond” part 1: “The Beta-Beast”
WRITER: Doug Moench
PENCILER: Herb Trimpe
INKER: Fred Kida
COLORIST: Mary Titus
LETTERER: Bruce Patterson
EDITOR: Jim Shooter

After defeating a train (that he thinks in another threat), Godzilla is taken to the Moon to challenge the Beta-Beast. However, this is only a test by the Betans who hope Godzilla will fight the three Mega-Monsters to protect Earth and avenge the Betans. However, the monsters–Triax, Riahn, and Krollar–arrive early…and Red Ronin, with a depressed Rob at the controls, is about to meet Triax in person!

What they got right: For the time I like the design and abilities of the Beta-Beast, and it’s a good fight between the two monsters. The concept that Godzilla must protect Earth from three monsters is a story that of course I can get behind.

What they got wrong: The air-sheath allows Godzilla to breathe on the moon, fine. But how can his and the Beta-Beast’s fire then shoot out past the sheath…which the Beta-Beast doesn’t even have!

Recommendation: The first part of this arc was pretty good. Hopefully the next two issues follow-up well. Next issue is back to the black & white collection, with the issue after back to color but I don’t think this is going to affect my decision.


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