Heroes Reborn The Return #2

I guess they’re down to the last donut.

Heroes Reborn: The Return #2

Marvel Comics (December, 1997)

“Second Coming”
WRITER: Peter David
PENCILER: Salvador Larroca
INKER:  Art Thibert
COLORIST: Steve Buccelato
LETTERER: Albert Deschesne
EDITOR: Bobbie Chase

Loki attempts to contact Doctor Strange in the main universe but his “transmission” is cut off by Ashema, who then pulls Franklin away from his parents, insisting he choose one of the universes. He talks her into healing a bear, which she then kills afterward to prove how nothing it is. Then Franklin prove how nothing it wasn’t by blasting her one. Meanwhile, its perpetual rain in 616 and hot as an oven with twin meteors coming in the Reborn universe. Then Doctor Strange finds Franklin’s “ball” and brings it near the Hulk, transporting him and Spider-Man (who was trying to calm him down) to the Reborn universe….and face to face with Reborn Hulk!

What they got right: I wonder if Ashema is schooling Franklin or the other way around. I like the coloring, which is an improvement over the Reborn titles.

What they got wrong: The artwork, on the other hand, is right in line with it. This annoys me to no end, with the Hulk getting the worst of it. Also, the Hulk causing things to explode has a point to it. Watching Reborn Thor fighting Reborn Hulk who keeps getting away is not only NOT as much a focus as the cover lets on but also of on significance other than to say “hey, there’s another Hulk–see, there he is!” and I’m not impressed.

Recommendation: I’m still enjoying this story, if only because it’s putting an end to the Reborn line. But I think you need all four issues to enjoy it.

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