Prince Valiant

Prince Valiant (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recently we looked at the intro for a series called The Legend Of Prince Valiant, a Family Channel production based on the Hal Foster comic strip. It’s an amazingly written production and while animation quality bounces a bit the visuals still find a way to be stunning. Next week (and I’ll explain in more detail tomorrow) I’m hoping to get back to convention coverage, interviews, and video reviews so Saturday Night Showcase will return to hiatus. So I decided I wanted to end by showing you the pilot of the series. With a great voice cast (some of whom won’t be heard for a number of episodes yet) and proving that being family friendly doesn’t mean boring, I bring you the tale of Valiant, prince of Thule, as his great journey begins.

In fact it would be many months, many episodes, before Valiant would sit at Arthur’s banquet table, and even more before he and the two friends he made along the way, Arn (who someday his son would be named for) and Rowanne (who was created for the show and a good addition at that), would become Knights Of The Round Table. Many adventures would follow in the two seasons as  Valiant and his friends learned how to be knights and what that means. It’s a great series, available on DVD and I can’t recommend seeing it enough if this is your genre. Even if it isn’t, give it a try on Hulu and see if grabs your attention anyway.

[UPDATE: 10/23/2020] Since Hulu doesn’t allow embeds anymore I was lucky that King Features Syndicate put the show on their official Comics Kingdom YouTube channel. It’s also a few other ad-sponsored and subscription services if you want to look on those.

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  2. […] cartoon I grew up with and is still my favorite Sat AM show (at least in season one), as well as The Legend Of Prince Valiant, the Family Channel series adapting that comic. Sadly they don’t have Phantom: 2040 up there […]


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