First, an explanation. Readers of The Clutter Reports last Sunday saw my review of the Mini-Con Assault Team. Packed in, as with many of the 30th anniversary Generations figures is an IDW comic that is just one that was on the shelves, but with a cover invoking the toy it comes with…even if it doesn’t show up in the comic. It doesn’t here, for example and I’ve heard this is not unique to the Mini-Con Assault Team, but you’ll see why it was chosen and it’s a very stupid reason.

Transformers Dark Cybertron #4 Mini-Con cover

It’s Dark Cybertron #4. Trust me.

Transformers: Dark Cybertron #4

IDW (with special Hasbro cover and no publishing date)

WRITERS: James Roberts & John Barber
ARTISTS: Atilio Rojo, James Raiz, Nick Roche, Livio Ramondelli, & Robert Gill
COLORIST: Romulo Farjardo, Jr. & Livio Ramondelli
COVER COLORIST: Romulo Fariardo, Jr.
LETTERER: Gilberto Lazanco
EDITOR: Carlos Guzman

Remember that I dropped the IDW Transformers just before the Dark Cybertron event started because I don’t care about events or IDW’s direction with Transformers. However, the Lost Light is surrounded my smaller Transformers. Not Micromasters. They decide they’re small Decepticons. Mini-Cons. Get it? Because THAT’S NOT WHAT A MINI-CON IS! I know, this is more like the Scanning My Collection format but I’m getting that into the story. Mini-Cons are a third faction of Transformers. Go read the review above. It doesn’t work here. Neither does having a group of Autobots go after then in a pod ship shaped like Rodimus’s head called, I’m totally serious here, the Rod Pod. You’re welcome to find that cute, I find it as another reason I don’t like the Lost Light crew. They all have major issues, but rather than finding it cute I find it annoying when it’s every single crew member. Ultra Magnus is hoping to find Metroplex, and they do…only he’s not in the best of shape. Having read Windblade I already knew that, at least. It just reminds me why I’m not interested in More Than Meets The Eye.

Then we check in with Starscream, who has a big black something on his chest. Scoop is I guess a religious zealot or something because whatever happened in the previous chapter has him going off explaining why Starscream is the Transformer anti-Christ or something. I don’t even like Starscream and I think Scoop is overboard here.

Let’s see. Rodimus, Orion, Cyclonus, and I think just Hardhead are in the Dead Universe I think. Most of their sequence (about three pages and I know which ones Ramondelli worked on pretty easily, is spent trashing the legacy of Primes and other leaders. Back on Cybertron another group is looking for…I don’t know, Megatron? He’s currently being tortured so that Shockwave can use the space bridge in him to bring Nova Prime and Galvatron back from the Dead Universe. Why? What the heck is Shockwave’s end goal here? Am I missing that much for not following this event? When did Shockwave take Megatron’s mustache to twirl?

As you can tell, I don’t know what’s going on with all of these storylines and I really don’t care. This did nothing but remind me why I ditched the IDW Transformers comics and I think I’m just going to add this to the comics I’m getting rid of. I’m keeping the toys, though. I will say this, though. This was STILL a better read that the Furman comics I have to resume next week.

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