While this won’t quite make the Yule Log it’s all I have time for today as I prepare to go for a job interview.

I’m not a fan of Spongebob Squarepants but I can see why kids like it…unlike some other shows I could mention. While fans who grew up with the show have said that it’s not as good as it used to be, somebody must like it to keep the show on the air and merchandise hitting stores. This morning on the radio they had an interview with Tom Kenny, the voice of Spongebob, singing a few lines from “Don’t Be A Jerk (It’s Christmas)”, which was part of a collection of Spongebob songs. I thought some of my readers may want to take a listen it.

The video was recorded as part of a Nickelodeon family cruise and comes to us from that far-off year of 2009, oddly when the G.I. Joe Extreme comics I’m reviewing takes place in. Maybe in our reality Spongebob’s message got to Iron Klaw?

The song is part of the album Spongebob’s Greatest Hits, which you can order through Amazon. And probably some other sites, but (full disclosure) I take part in Amazon’s affiliate program…but I only use it for something I’m actually reviewing.

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