Secret Wars II #2

“No, Beyonder, that’s not what ‘light the tree’ means!”

Secret Wars II #2

Marvel (August, 1985)

“I’ll Take Manhattan…”
WRITER: Jim Shooter
PENCILER: Al Milgrom
INKERS: Steve Leialoha & Joe Rubinstein
COLORIST: Manny Hands (in other words, too many to list)
LETTERERS: Rick Parker & Joe Rosen
EDITOR: Bob Budiansky

After his travels in the tie-ins, the Beyonder arrives in New York just as the Hate Monger is causing trouble for the Fantastic Four. Asking a lot of questions like “what is clothes” and “what is eating”, as in why do we do them, he’s bothering Spider-Man, the FF, and the Heroes For Hire, the latter paid by turning the building into gold, which promptly shows why you shouldn’t make a building out of gold.

Folks, I have rarely cared so little about a comic story as I did this issue. “Wacky godlike hijinks” is surprisingly more boring than it sounds, especially with this story. It seemed to indicate more interesting stories were going on. Also, it’s rather bright out for 3 AM.

I just can’t recommend this comic to pretty much anybody. I don’t know what the goal of this story was but I don’t feel like it was achieved.


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