Godzilla #9 (DH)

Godzilla’s actual response when he heard they were doing another time travel story.

Godzilla #9

Dark Horse (March, 1996)

WRITER: Alex Cox
PENCILER: Brandon McKinney
INKERS: Andrew Pepoy & Justin Bloomer
COLORIST: Perry McNamee
COVER ART: Bob Eggleton
LETTERER: Clem Robins
EDITOR: Randy Stradley

Professor Mason and his partner, Dixon, have developed time travel, and have taken Godzilla to the right events in time, like Pompei, where Godzilla can do his thing unnoticed by history and plunder all of time. However, Kagaku and Dr. Marina Meltev have been working on their own time travel machine. G-Force splits into three groups, hoping to find Mason’s next historic plunder before it’s too late.

What they got right: A nice, yet brief and a bit vague, bit of exploration into why Kino joined G-Force. The art is pretty good.

What they got wrong: Longtime readers will not be surprised by my complaints, the first being that it’s yet another time travel Godzilla story. Of the two previously reviewed, the Devil Dinosaur team-up was good but the Heisei return of Ghidorah, while I enjoyed it as a Godzilla movie, really screwed up how time travel works. The other complaint I mentioned in the Transformers: Sector 7 comics I believe. I don’t like when every major event is blamed on the main, strange sci-fi concept. Doctor Who has done this as well, and now the destruction of Pompei isn’t the volcano, but Godzilla? And I’m betting this isn’t the last time we see this happen. Finally, one you didn’t see coming: “Mason” and “Dixon”. Riiiiiight.

Recommendation: Do not start with this issue or storyline, but despite my complaints it might turn out to be an interesting story. At this point I might not steer you away but I’m not promoting it until I see the rest of the arc. It’s still better than the two-part cowboy story, I guess.


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