Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #7 (Marvel)

I am sparing you from so many rock and asteroid jokes.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #7


Marvel (May, 1991)

EDITOR: Mariano Nicieza
“Stone Canyon Shakedown”
WRITER/ARTIST: Grant Miehiem
COLORIST: Mike Worely
LETTERER: Dave Sharpe
“Major Munch!”
WRITER/PENCILER: Darick Robertson
INKERS: Randy Emberlin & Phil Sheehy
COLORIST: Jim Hoston
LETTERER: Mike Higgins

We start off with a story that had me turning the comic sideways way too many times unnecessarily and a double-splash page of panels. These are not good use of traditional comic space. The Rangers are walking through Stone Canyon (which I always thought was either another school or a nearby town to Angel Grove in the Power Rangers Universe) when Goldar and the Tengus are bringing down giant rocks everyone keeps calling meteorites to create a lava monster that totally needed space rocks because shut up. The Rangers beat it by having it exhaust its supply of lava. That’s pretty much it. Someone miscolors a few caption boxes and Zordon’s word balloons so you can’t read them. It’s decent I guess.

The second story has some fun with breakfast cereal ads. Remember when they involved cartoon characters having adventures around their cereal? They were still doing that back then so Zedd uses that to push his own cereal. Kids wearing the special rings are more susceptible to the subliminal messages in the cartoon, and the parents are also brainwashed to buy more cereal so the kids can eat it, nobody knowing about the mind control chemicals in it. Adam turns that against the villains as the Black Ranger tells the kids to take the rings off, breaking the spell…except maybe on Bulk. They even snuck in Morden from the movie but I’m not sure Marvel writers knew that wasn’t canon to the series. Still, fun piece.

Overall, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comics from Marvel weren’t that good. What really hurt it in my eyes was forcing two stories into one comic, when Ranger fans deserved a full comic. They weren’t getting a deal as a lot of the stories either weren’t that good or suffered from being cut short. It also hurts that the writers didn’t seem to know how the show was run, and were just writing Marvel comics of the 90s, as were the artists which really hurt the series. I can’t recommend them at all.

Next week is not the end of the Power Rangers/Marvel team-up. They also produced a two-sided comic featuring only the Ninja Ranger powers on one side and Saban’s other show at the time, the syndicated VR Troopers. Was it any good? Not really, and you’ll see why starting next week.


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