Dodekain #7

“Hey, buddy! Personal space!”

Dodekain #7

Antarctic Press (May, 1995)

There are no credits in this comic so I’m just reposting from last issue and hoping it’s right.

WRITER/ARTIST: Masayuki Fujihara
TOUCH-UP ART: Pat Kelley
LETTERER: Shon Howell

It’s the battle of the giant robots, Dodekain and Ohkizon. During the fight Takuma fares little better than he did against Dan/Koveldan back on Earth…which Koveldan uses as a dodgeball. However, picturing the Earth as Koyori again allows Takuma to save the Earth…this time by catching it..and in his excitement his Ohkizon with it. Now Koveldan (and most of the planet) are really mad.

What they got right: Only in a comedy could the Earth be used as dodgeball by giant robots. Once again it’s Takuma’s connection to Koyori that saves the day. (Although we have one last issue to go.)

What they got wrong: Oh look, a villain who goes on about how humans are destroying the ecology and getting involved in wars and so they’re obviously bad people. We’ve never heard that story out of Japan before. I bet Takuma doesn’t even try to challenge that belief. Let’s see if I’m right.

Recommendation: With more issue to there’s only been one stinker. I hope that winning streak continues later with the final issue because I’m still recommending this series.


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