The Companion Cube from the video game Portal.

The Companion Cube from the video game Portal. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Portal is my favorite modern video game. It’s challenging, it’s fun, it isn’t gory…it’s everything I look for in a video game, plus a good story. I was part way through the second game before the reinstall but I hope to return to it.

Last week I mentioned the Comicstorian and the other channels I haven’t had time to explore. One of them is Eligible Monster, where they do for games what Comicstorian does for comics. Well, the two channels collide in this tale, the history of “Ratman”, the guy who leaves you clues in the first game about the cake being a lie and that GlaDOS isn’t to be trusted. There was a comic released that told the story of how he ended up as your unseen whistleblower and this is a brief summary of that book. Meanwhile, I need to figure out if I can even make ConnectiCon this year and work on my cousin’s videos.

And yes, I’ve seen the LEGO Dimension trailer showing Portal will be one of the worlds you might visit. That is so COOL!

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