Magic Knights Rayearth #1

Sorry, nothing here to make a joke from.

Magic Knights Rayearth Vol. 1

Mixx Entertainment (1998)

originally published by Kodansha Ltd. (1994)

produced by CLAMP
WRITER: Nanase Ohkawa
ARTIST: Mokona Apapa

“Please save Cephiro, legendary Magic Knights!” That was the wish of Princess Emeraude, the pillar of Cephiro, and in Cephiro wishes have power. To fulfill that wish three teen girls from Tokyo–Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu–who come from different schools that all happened to be on a field trip to Tokyo Tower, were taken to Cephiro, meeting Guru Clef. He tells them the only way to go home is to fulfill Emeraude’s wish to become the Magic Knights and save Cephiro. Their enemy is the priest Zagato, who has taken the princess prisoner. After escaping Alcione, Zagato’s minion and Clef’s former student, they meet Presea, the artisan who makes weapons. She gives them Mokona, a rather excitable creature, who is to lead them to find the mineral Escudo, which is necessary to create their special weapons. During their trip, the Knights come upon monsters, and a mysterious warrior.

I try to remain as unbiased as possible during these reviews but I’ll warn you right now, I’m biased as heck. This is my favorite manga series and one of my favorite animes. It has just the right balance (most of the time) of comedy and action. The girls’ reaction to being in Cephiro are varied, as are their personalities. This is also shown in the temporary weapons they’re given to go into the magic-blocked Forest Of Silence to find the Escudo. The art is also very good, with the “chibi” (or mini) versions used for gags and also to show their emotion (or like when Hikaru gains cat ears to show her innocence) but when things are serious the art immediately reflects it.

If I was going to do a “got wrong” section, is that the girls can on occasion bit a bit chatty, which is meant to show them bonding but sometimes happens at odd moments in the story. Otherwise volume one is a good introduction to this series.

AND NOBODY SPOIL THE TWIST COMING IF YOU KNOW. no, not that one either. Both will change how you read this comic, and in this case I will fight to see no spoilers because of how good it is.

I will do the best I can to not spoil the twists in the reviews, but I’m strongly considering some form of spoiler-heavy examination when I get to them.

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