Super Mario Brothers Special Edition

“How do you mix up ‘anchor’ and ‘parachute’?”

Super Mario Bros. Special Edition

Valiant/Nintendo Comic System (1990)

Bill Vallely, Mark McClellan, Ken Lopez, & P. Zorito
“Mutiny On The Fungi”
George Wildman & Andrea Brooks
“A Mouser In The Houser”
John Costanza & Janet Jackson (probably not the one you’re thinking of)

Yep, once again no telling who did what. I’m not sure why they made a special edition but here it is. It features two stories, plus the Valiant version of the origin story, Koopa’s “beauty” tips, and the Princess running an advice column. We’ll focus on the two main adventures.

In our first tale, Mario is on a mission to find a magic wand because the king has been turned into a dog. (Instead of numerous kings like in Super Mario Bros. 3, the king of Mushroomland, who actually appears here unlike the cartoon, keeps getting turned into animals.) He comes across a mushroom who fell off a flying ship…that happens to be run by Koopa! Why normal Mushroom citizens are working for Koopa I couldn’t tell you. I also don’t know when coins gave you the ability to float gently to the surface. In the process Mario finds both Luigi and a magic want to change the king back. Some inaccuracies to the game but still a fun little tale.

Our second tale actually explains a few things about the Mario Universe. It was the mice who put the treasures all over the Mushroom Kingdom and dug the warp pipe tunnels. Mouser used to be their leader, the latest in a line, until he was corrupted by Koopa. Now Mouser is disrupting the travel routes and when Mario and Princess Toadstool (she wasn’t called Peach at this point in the game series) go to meet with the Ambassador and bring the sacred Cylinder Of Cheese (yes, a cheese log) to him, the pair are split up when Mario accidentally gets some cheese on the Princess’s dress (she’s kind of a diva in the comic) and she knocks him off the building they landed on. Mario fights Koopa’s forces to get the cheese back while the mice try to make the Princess their queen. When Mouser shows up and threatens the weakened Mario she goes to help him when the mice refuse to. Since the mice have received so many cheese gifts they are now sick of cheese, the cheese log is the key to defeating him and stopping his damage of the routes. It’s also a fun little story, but nobody is all that bright sometimes.

Actually, I wish the Super Mario Brothers Super Show had been more like this comic. No silly parodies, and while these guys are a few coins short of a 1UP at least it’s consistent. Give this comic a look.



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  1. Sean says:

    Was this a one shot issue?


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