Icon #15

“Come on. This guy Icon knows keeps going on about shawarma.”

Icon #15

DC/Milestone (July, 1994)

“Worlds Collide” chapter 4: “Living In A Dreamworld”
WRITER: Dwayne McDuffie
PENCILER: M. D. Bright
INKER: Mike Gustovich
LETTERER: Steve Dutro
EDITOR: Matt Wayne

(continued from Superboy #6) Superboy and Fred are “rescued” from the air by Rocket, who didn’t know Superboy can fly. As Fred tries to explain how his trips between realities work, the two assume the other reality is a dream world and start bickering (when Superboy isn’t hitting on Rocket…until finding out later that she’s pregnant). Fred loses control of his powers, creating IRS-style versions of the Parasite, which the trio escape before the monster that’s been chasing Fred returns. Icon saves our group and takes them to Alva’s lab where Fred was being tested. Alva injects Fred with a sedative (secretly containing nanites) and Fred takes Superboy back to Metropolis with him, but also Rocket and Hardware. Meanwhile DMZ watches as the damaged part of bridge to Paris Island is suddenly completed…with the Hob’s Bay Bridge of Metropolis…as well as Metropolis itself! (continues in Steel #6)

What they got right: A further explanation of Fred’s powers. Superboy and Rocket play off each other well and the IRS Parasites were amusing.

What they got wrong: Why did Superboy open his shirt like a jacket to look at his lack of bellybutton? Also, Icon didn’t protest going to Alva with Fred even though in one of the Hardware comics I have he showed that he doesn’t like Alva?

Recommendation: An interesting continuation but nothing is really learned, just some more questions. It’s worth getting as part of the whole series but unless your following the crossover there isn’t a lot here outside of Superboy and Rocket’s association.


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