Masters Of The Universe #2 (Star)

“Quick, Orko, make an umbrella!”

Masters Of The Universe #2

Marvel/Star Comics (July, 1986(

“Falling Stars”
WRITER: Mike Carlin
PENCILER: Ron Wilson
INKER: Dennis Janke
COLORIST: Bob Sharen
LETTERER: John Morelli
EDITOR: Ralph Macchio

Orko’s goofing around causes a blast from Man-At-Arms’ new Laser Bolt to hit a young Comet Warrior named Rokkon, who crashes onto Eternia. He-Man, Battlecat, and Orko save him from his enemies, the Meteorbs, and they make friends with Rokkon’s superior, Stondar, and the good Meteorbs. Skeletor allies himself with the evil ones and tricks the Comet Warriors and Man-At-Arms into fighting each other. However, Rokkon sees through Skeletor’s trick and with Orko’s help exposes the plan. The two heroic sides form a new friendship.

What they got right: Carlin and the art team seem really interested in pushing the toys. Snake Mountain looks like the toy rather than the show version and he again puts as many of them as he can into one story. Luckily he gives them all good showings.

What they got wrong: Man-At-Arms is a real grouch in this story. I understand being mad at Orko but he gets mad at Adam when he tries to help get the Laser Bolt under control. And my word there’s a lot of exposition by both Skeletor and Adam/He-Man in this story.

Recommendation: A story that just eeks out a mild recommendation to check out. It’s not that great but it’s not bad.

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  1. Sean says:

    It sounds like this comic book issue was an advertisement for the Snake Mountain toy.


    • It only shows up in one panel. I think they were pushing the Comet Warriors and Laser Bolt toys more.


      • Sean says:

        I see. Well, comic books and cartoons often served as advertisements for various toy lines anyhow. The other day, I was looking at a back issue of Atari Force I recently picked up and on the back cover, there was an advertisement for the Masters of the Universe video game. I found that quite interesting as I never knew such a game existed! Have you ever played the Masters of the Universe video game? It looks like it was available on Atari 2600, Atari 5200, and a bunch of other systems back in 1983/1984.


        • I’ve never played that one. I do have a Game Boy Advance game based on the 2000s remake. It’s not a good game for so small a screen, and it may not be good on a decent screen, either.


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