Adventures Of Spider-Man #4

Any joke I did here would just sound like a typical Spidey quip.

Adventures Of Spider-Man #4

Marvel (July, 1996)

“The Vulture’s Rage”
WRITER: Nel Yomtov
PENCILER: Alex Saviuk
INKER: Rob Stull
COLORIST: Kevin Tinsley (assisted by the Malibu color process, as they had bought and gutted the company for it)
LETTERER: Steve Dutro
EDITOR: Mark Powers

Osborn is using his usual dirty tricks to buy out Adrian Toomes’ aeronautics plant. This doesn’t sit well with Toomes, who becomes the Vulture. Using his abilities to fly and temporarily drain the youth out of a person, he plans to do away with Osborn, but Spider-Man gets in the way. When Vulture drains his strength, the geriatric Spider-Man still finds a way to overcome and stop the Vulture’s plans before the effect reverses.

What they got right: Where yesterday’s Adventures Of Superman failed to properly address sexism, this does a better job with ageism. Toomes is obsessed with his lost youth, even scolding a “test subject” late-night skateboarder for squandering it that way, as he saw it. On the flip side is Aunt May, who (in spite of numerous medical issues to the point that it has become a joke) notes that you can grow old gracefully even in tragedy like Uncle Ben’s passing.

What they got wrong: The basic plot, however, comes straight from the end of the “Neogenic Nightmare” arc from the TV show. Osborn wants to push out Toomes, who is obsessed with his age and creates a way to drain you and become the Vulture. As the comic seems to have drifted away from the show despite using the art style (which is an improvement for 90s art) it comes off as taking someone else’s idea.

Recommendation: A rather good Spider-Man tale that’s worth picking up.

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