It's not torture. It's art practice.

It’s not torture. It’s art practice.

Way back in strip #62 Leon tested out an altered style that I may never use for anything important. I was just kind of goofing around. One problem I’ve had with this style is never getting the heads the way I want them. I’m thinking it’s the nose throwing me off but for the longest time I thought the smaller nose looked weird with the larger eyes, or is TOO close to the Simpsons, which is one of the inspirations for this style. What do you guys think? Just look at an earlier strip and compare the two Leons.

In this week’s Clutter Report I did a little more desk cleaning. Not much, but between heat and software issues editing yesterday’s video it’s all I had time to do.

Good news for comic review fans. August 1st is a Monday so I thought this would be the best time to resume “Yesterday’s” Comic! I’d bring back Today’s Comic as well but I still can’t afford new comics. I did get some new comics during my hiatus but it’s been so long that they might as well be reviewed in the “Yesterday’s” feature. More on that next week because I have this group from before I got sick that I should get to first. See you at midnight!

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A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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