Batman #49 (DC You)

“NO! My shadow is misshapen!”

Batman #49

DC Comics (April, 2016)

“Super Heavy” part nine according to the Grand Comics Database
WRITERS: Scott Snyder & James Tynion, IV
ARTIST: Yanick Paquete
COLORIST: Arthur Fairbairn
LETTERER: Steve Wands
EDITOR: Mark Doyle

Bruce now remembers he used to be Batman and decides that the city needs the real Batman again, not just Jim Gordon in a batsuit and bat-battlesuit. Alfred is reluctant since he feels this is the Bruce Wayne that should have existed, but a surprising visitor is one willing to bring back Batman…by killing Bruce Wayne! (No spoilers in a “Today’s” comic review, even though this is a few months old. I’m hoping someday to have income to buy comics again so I want to stay in practice.)

What they got right: I love the depictions of “Batman” trying to get back into Bruce’s head. It shows what he could do, let others handle things, live a happy life with the girlfriend he got during his amnesia (he remembered who he was, but not the trauma of his parents’ death that gave rise to the Batman), but he can’t. Deep down, even with part of his mind gone (long story), he’s still Batman. He’s also in a machine (because spoilers) in the pose he was in over his parent’s body, or close to it. If that’s what they were going for it’s a nice visual callback.

What they got wrong: Who decided Alfred should lose a hand? Smack them for me. If Rebirth is supposed to restore what we liked, then restore Alfred’s hand. Also, please stop writing tales where Batman is believed dead but is really amnesiac, on a walkabout, or traveling through time. We’ve seen Gotham sans Batman enough times. Tell a different story!

Recommendation: I’ve only been following this storyline on Comicstorian but while it’s not what I want in a Batman story I can’t say they’re bad tales, just a bit dark and occasionally gory for my tastes. If you like that kind of thing, the series may be for you. I would get the rest of this particular storyline to follow what’s happening but otherwise it’s not a bad issue to pick up.



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