It’s the final round before the Prize Fight in this “every fight must have a kick” theme. I must admit I’m not always the best with themes. I have so many comics that I don’t know what ones match some themes. So I got lucky on this final one, and considering I’ve missed most of this tournament due to 2016 assaulting me, I’ll take what I can.

Tails isn’t a lot of fans favorite, or at least among my internet connections. But you know me, I don’t always follow the group so you shouldn’t be surprised he’s my favorite. He’s a fox, an animal I like, who can fly, making him something of a superhero alongside the original take on Knuckles before Sonic Boom ruined that character, and he makes all kinds of cool gadgets. On top of that he makes his own comic superhero, Captain Super Fox Man! I wish I was as cool as Tails. YOU wish you were as cool as Tails. So when young Miles Prower ends up in Downunda with the Downuda Freedom Fighters, there’s going to be some bot with a bad day.

Friday Night Fights clean logo

“Karate Kick” final round

The Battlefield: Tails #3 (Archie; February, 1996) “Southern Crossover” part 3

The Promoters: Mike Gallagher (writer), Dave Manak (penciler), Harvo (inker), Barry Gordon (colorist), and Mindy Eisman (colorist)

Crocbot is hoping to get into Doctor Robotnik’s club, which is odd considering Robotnik is the one who robotizes everyone but whatever. He’s getting a blimp full of war supplies to fully take over Downunda and sends a giant robotic ram to attack the Downunda Freedom Fighters.

I wish I was kidding, but this is called the CD Rom Ram. Because it's Michael Gallagher.

I wish I was kidding, but this is called the CD Rom Ram. Because it’s Michael Gallagher.

I hear he got them from a bat. While the Freedom Fighters battle the Ram, Tails and Barby (because Michael Gallagher) Koala swing in to say hi.


I think there was a reason they used a blimp, because otherwise it’s kind of dumb considering Robotnik’s technology level.

And with one kick our heroes make the blimp explode, saving the day. This is why Tails needs his own ongoing series. He’s cool and has cool friends. Granted I’ve ignored Sonic comics since the “stick it to Ken Penders for being a jerk” reboot because that’s not the continuity I came in on. Maybe they fixed it somewhat, but I’d like to know how Princess Sally got de-roboticized.

click to vote in this week's tournament

click to vote in this week’s tournament

Head to and vote for your favorite Friday Night Fight! Winners of these 12 rounds head for the Prize Fight, and we could use some more competition. Stay tuned for the new tournament and feel free to join in. Rules are posted on Tuesdays.



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