The point Jaga realizes his party is failing.

Thundercats Origins: Villains And Heroes

WildStorm (February, 2004)

WRITER: Ford Lytle Gilmore (except story 2)

LETTERER: Nick Napolitano


EDITOR: Alex Sinclair


“Grune And Jaga”

ARTISTS: Long Vo, Charles Park, & Saka


“Puppets Of Men”

WRITER: Ken Siu-Chong

ARTIST: Tom Bancroft & Tom Humber

COLORIST: Wendy Fouts


“Sword Of Omens”


INKER: Pierre-Andre Déry



“The Destruction Of Thundera”

ARTIST: Ramon Perez & Roberto Campus

We start this second anthology with the fall of Grune The Destroyer. Peace has come to Thundera, but Grune is a warrior and seeks battle, deciding to conquer Thundera and the galaxy. However, that means fighting his old friend and current Lord of the Thundercats, Jaga. The battle is well done, and we see Grune sent away, which we later learned was Third Earth, and then he became a ghost. The only problem is that there’s this one Thunderan who looks way too cat-like. She looks like a cat person rather than a person with cat features.  A good story though.

We hope back to 3000 BC, the Mayan civilization for the origin of a character most people won’t even remember, or at least I don’t. I remember the doom-gaze but little else. I didn’t even remember the woman’s name was Tashi. Tired of her treatment by men she sought the power to control men’s minds and was visited by the Ancient Spirits Of Evil. Given the doom-gaze, she controlled the mind of the chief until the women realized what she was doing and that he spoke her will instead of the gods. So they created a portal to send her away (though why not kill her is beyond me; they were able to drug her, why not poison her, or burn her alive when they had her tied to a stake?), only to be retrieved by Mumm-Ra. If I’m supposed to feel sorry for her I don’t, because she was after all evil, but I understand her hatred of men. It’s an okay origin but an odd character choice.

Cougartha was Lord Of The Thundercats in our next story, as a blacksmith forges for him a mighty sword…namely the Sword Of Omens. It’s a short story and our brief glimpse into the characters makes me want to see more of them. I do wonder why the Sword shrinks to a dagger-sized blade when it was forged in full sword size though. This is not explained.

The last story is just what it says, the last days of Thundera. The painted art style works because it’s the colors and not the lineart, the usual failing of this style coloring. There’s not much to say except it’s a good story although also short. I don’t think it could have been any longer unless it was a full-comic or multi-part tale.

So this one was all good stories. One odd character choice, and one cat girl who looked less Thundercat and more anthropomorphic (I always saw the Thundercats style as more humanoid with animal features rather than cat people) doesn’t damage a good anthology. It’s worth picking up along with its companion piece. Sadly, what’s coming cannot say the same thing. I can’t hold it off anymore. The first Thundercats miniseries, the decent one, is coming up. And it’s all downhill from here.


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  1. Sean says:

    This issue does sound like it has cool origin stories. I remember Tashi from both the Doomgaze episode and also the Star Comics adaptation issue. I’m a little confused here because the cartoon episode and comic book issue imply that Tashi was from ancient Egypt. According to this origin story, she is originally from the ancient Mayan kingdom. Yes, both civilizations had pyramids (different looking but still pyramids), however, the cultures are very different along with the geographical locations. So I’m not certain why this particular comic gives her a Mayan origin when the cartoon hints at ancient Egypt. A connundrum indeed! I’ll always remember Tashi because she had an annoying voice! As for Grune the Destroyer, he was a very popular figure in the Thundercats action figure line.


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