I’m waiting for Darkhawk’s overdue movie. Or even an ABC/Netflix show. Or a cartoon on Disney XD. Something, guys.

Darkhawk #50


Marvel (April, 1995)

“A Hawk Supreme” finale: “Glory!”

WRITER: Danny Fingeroth


INKER: Ian Akin

COLORIST: Bob Sharpen



EDITOR: Nel Yomtov

The Mahari have turned the Hawk ship into a world-destroyer and dropped it over New York. As Darkhawk’s hero friends go after it they are stopped by the ship’s defenses. Meanwhile, Portal and Darkhawk find a way to stop the menaces and protect Portal’s family. Darkhawk goes to New York to confront Overhawk, who just learned he was betrayed by his fellow pirates, and that he will never have his normal body again. He takes his revenge on them but ends up falling into the ship’s lasers in a battle with Darkhawk. While this is going on Allegra is setting the Powell twins (and her “boyfriend”) up for death while Grace and Mike work through their legal issues. With help from Chris, his former other self, Darkhawk manages to shut off the world-destroyer but the side effects turn them into one person again. Ned takes the ship back into null space to fix up, Darkhawk rescues his brothers while capturing Allegra, and everybody is cleared of the frame-ups from the issues I’m still missing as of this review. Laura decides she’s okay with dating a superhero and for the first time Chris Powell, the mysterious Darkhawk, is having a good life.

At least until Marvel retcons the whole Darkhawk origin for no good reason, forgets that Chris no longer needs an amulet to become Darkhawk thanks to lacking the ability to research, and gives him back his old design with no explanation.

What they got right: It’s an action-packed finale that wraps everything up.

What they got wrong: The problem is you have to think Fingeroth was not aware the comic was ending in time to not force a few issues, like Overhawk overhears his “friends” expositioning, or just knowing he wanted the latest Powell crisis to go on longer.

Recommendation: I really want to get the issues I’m missing because despite the 90s of it all Darkhawk is a really cool character and concept (until Marvel’s recent retcon during “War Of The Kings”)and I want to see more good stories with him. I’m not kidding, I want a Darkhawk cartoon or some kind of appearance outside of the comics beyond two cameos I just read about. Give him a storyline or a full series. Marvel isn’t afraid to play with the more obscure characters for the movie, TV, and internet sides of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so why not use him there? There’s wasted potential here. Give this series a look.


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