Doctor Who FCBD 2016

Is this going to be a new thing now where every time a showrunner for Doctor Who leaves he’ll have only two Doctors and the current one will leave with him? Peter Capaldi has announced that he’ll be leaving the show after this next season, after the Christmas special. I’ve only just recently regained access to BBC America so I’ve seen very little of his run (maybe the first few episodes) so I don’t know if he was any good (or at least if I liked him) but this is turning into a trend, or at least a coincidence. Russell T. Davies left the show having only had two Doctors, and his second (David Tennant) left with him.

Oh, and for those on the internet now asking for a female Doctor (especially after Haley Atwell, formerly of Agent Carter, suggested she’d only go on the show AS the Doctor, here’s an old commentary about why the Doctor shouldn’t be a woman. While I’m all for a returning Time Lady (maybe Romana escapes and I mention wanting the Rani back), swapping a gender for some social issue puts politics over story and we’ve already discussed that issue this week. Skin color change I don’t really care about, so black male I’d be fine with. But changing genders? Just how “alien” should we be making our aliens? Hmmm…speaking of commentaries….

And yes, I know about Missy. I don’t care. I blame it on the Master’s “wife” or it’s still stupid.

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  1. Sean says:

    I read both of your articles on this subject, and I agree that the Doctor should remain a male. But do try to bring back Romana, Sarah Jane, or the Rani. They were great female characters on the show.


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