“I told you I’m not a marshmallow!”

Atomic Robo FCBD 2009

This oddly isn’t up on comiXology, so I went to the Atomic Robo website and looked it up in the archives. Now I just need to remember which ones I already own because I’m going to review them as I get to them.

Red 5 (2009)

“Why Atomic Robo Hates Dr. Dinosaur”

WRITER: Brian Clevinger

ARTIST: Scott Wegener

COLORIST: Ronda Pattison

LETTERER: Jeff Powell

On one of those Pacific islands, Atomic Robo squares off with Dr. Dinosaur, a super-intelligent dinosaur who traveled through time after mammalian energies traveled back through time and killed the dinosaurs. Or so he says, but Atomic Robo disputes every part of that origin, thinking he’s probably more likely the result of modern scientists doing genetic experiments. After Atomic Robo uses his violence on Dr. Dinosaur the saurian agrees to give up the secret of time travel, but the cooler actually has explosives that Dinosaur makes go boom. And that’s why Atomic Robo hates Dr. Dinosaur. The end.

What they got right: How do you pair a smart yet snarky atomic-powered robot built by Nicholas Tesla who now runs Tesla’s company with a proper arch nemesis? How about a smart yet insane talking dinosaur? That’s how this comic rolls.

What they g…Wait, you have to bother asking that question?

Recommendation: If you aren’t reading this series, either online or in print, why the heck not?

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