This mannequin effect would look horrible in color. But in black & white he does appear to be flying.

Nowadays movies and TV shows not in color (unless they’re trying to be “retro” or an homage) are looked down upon, or so it appears, by the modern casual audience. Heck, if the video game community or the push for higher-rez TVs is to be believed anything short of “looking like they are literally next to me” is to be looked down upon. However the creators of those movies didn’t have color to work with, so they worked with what they had, and the result is something that would only work in black and white.

RocketJump Film School, the arm of web studio RocketJump, recently posted a video defending the black and white movie and the way it was used to create emotion, fear, and excitement.


For more videos on movie creation check out the official website or YouTube channel.

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