Hello, the 90s.

Anima #0

DC Comics (October, 1994)

“Zero Summer”

WRITERS: Elizabeth Hands & Paul Witcover

PENCILER: Steve Crespo

INKER: Will Buyberg

COLORIST: Patricia Mulvihill

LETTERER: Chris Eliopoulous


EDITOR: Rob Simpson

Jeremy has a nightmare where Courtney decides to kill him because she has Anima now. By the way, if you’re looking for an explanation for that sentence someone has to explain to me what the heck is happening here. Waking up, Jeremy heads to a music festival for groups like Liz Phair. I don’t know what kind of music that is but it must be one I don’t come across. He meets a pair of fellow fans, Bolla and Janie, and joins them in getting tattoos before Liz Phair goes on stage. With the regular tattoo stand full they come across a trailer with a camera and satellite dish, and meet Roky, a dude tattooed to the hilt. Janie gives him a paper with a tattoo she dreamed about and he shows her and the others videos…and that’s where I lose all sense of what the heck is going on. I’ll explain in a moment, but it’s the origin of Anima, some being bonded with his sister. When the show ends the trio leave, except only Jeremy is left and he’s forgotten the whole thing.

Here’s the problem: I don’t know know who this character is or what she’s about. The comic tries to explain the being she’s bonded with is part of some race created by the Nameless One, who rebelled against their father, except for his sister Eris who used to be part of his as some kind of male/female fusion…it makes no darn sense to me. Like I’m trying to follow this and it must have made sense to the writers but if I knew thing one about Anima or Courtney or anything like that I’m not sure it would help. It’s a rather bizarre mythos. Also, what happened to Bolla and Janie and why did Jeremy forget everything? The tattoo was some symbol used by one of the sides in the war but I’m not sure which. And the writers have to take a pop shot at Ronald Reagan in a 90s comic for no particular reason.

Maybe it’s a lack of understanding of the cultural scene this comic seems to be tied to but these sound like cliched 90s teens to me. The art at least is good to look at. Basically I really can’t promote this comic because I don’t understand this comic, and since Anima is hardly a fixture in the DC Universe even before the Flashpoint reboot I don’t think it matters. I learned more from the DC Wiki entry than I did this comic and I’m not sure you’re missing much here.

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