Yesterday I mentioned a marketing project by Disney’s Lucasfilm called Star Wars: Forces Of Destiny. One of the problems with the Star Wars franchise is how few women there are as leads, or even officially named. How many of you know who Mon Mothma is unless you saw the action figure or heard someone else tell you? Even with the two Clone Wars and Rebels cartoons you’re lucky to get two women in a story full of male characters. At least the cartoons showed all the female Jedi or members of the Rebellion. Still, outside of the crew of the Ghost in Rebels the only names that have made an impact are Princess Leia, Rey (who doesn’t even have a last name) and Ashoka Tano from The Clone Wars. I saw Rogue One and I still don’t remember the name of the heroine in it.

It’s these three characters that make up the Forces Of Destiny campaign (which also features toys, books, and an upcoming comic from not-Disney owned Marvel but IDW) of showcasing the few women that they’ve managed to make famous–Leia, Rey, and Ashoka. This includes a series of shorts on Disney’s YouTube channel introduced by Moz (another female character who is what you get if you combine Yoda and Edna Mode from The Incredibles. Sadly, it’s the same introduction every time. And Disney’s official playlist doesn’t have them in the right order because that’s too much work for most YouTube channels. Take it from me, it isn’t that hard to send the last video to the bottom of the playlist when you update with a new video guys. Leave the new one at the top and put the rest into the proper order. It makes watching a playlist easier!

The cartoons are really short, around 3 minutes. As of this writing they also have “The Starfighter Stunt” on there twice. The professionally-produced YouTube page, people. Enjoy it anyway.

Yes, the animation is Flash or Aniboom or something, but they are good shorts, and Ashoka and Rey do get a good showing. Interestingly, it’s Ashoka when she was still a Padawan, bypassing a lot of the character growth she had later in the series and into Rebels, which is a shame. And Rey’s stories are more of a “buddy picture” with the series’ new hot droid, BB8. However, they are good shorts and girls get to see heroines kicking butt while the action should satisfy most boys watching as a bonus should they have to watch along. I do approve of the campaign, but the fact that we need it is still disappointing.

Yes, the girls should still be able to enjoy the adventures of the guys, but getting to see women being awesome alongside the men is not a bad thing either. Not every woman needs to be a badass but neither do all men…unless they’re soldiers in a war. Regardless of gender that helps. As more episodes appear there will be more episodes to watch here but it might be easier going to Disney’s playlist to keep up if you liked what you saw then coming back here all the time, or just subscribing to their channel.

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