109 elements. Collect them all.

Thunderbolts #7

Marvel Comics (October, 1997)

“The Revolt Within”


CO-PLOTTER: Roger Stern

PENCILER: Jeff Johnson

INKERS: Will Blyberg, Eric Cannon, Larry Mahlstadt, Greg Adams, & Keith Williams


LETTERER: Dave Lanphear

EDITOR: Tom Brevoort

While Baron Zemo Citizen V tries to use their help against the Elements Of Doom as leverage to gain access to the Avenger’s files, the others (pushed by Moonstone and the unsuspecting Jolt) opt to go after the Elements…and swiftly get their heads handed to them. They meet the creator of the Elements, Vasily Khandruvitch, who wants to hold the world for ransom to force the UN to give them their own atoll nation, but the Elements rebel against him. Unlike the previous Elements these are beings solely created from their namesake elements and plan to turn the human race into element drones under their control. Techno is able to get word to Citizen V, who uses this as extra leverage to get the files rather than help his disobedient lackies, but thanks to Jolt Songbird is able to escape, with Techno guiding her, until one of the Elements breaks his neck, leaving Songbird alone and scared.

What they got right: Storywise I don’t have any problems. The threat is good, this could lead to a good showing for the previously unsure Songbird, and Zemo is certainly in character even while…in character.

What they got wrong: But why so many inkers? And why did Roger Stern step in? I’m sure there’s a good behind the scenes reason, but that’s a lot of people to work on one normal sized comic. Granted, unless you’re a critic/cartoonist/both you may not spot the differences nearly as well, but since I am they do stick out. It’s a minor gripe but the only one I have.

Recommendation: This is a good story arc thus far. I still recommend these early issues.


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