“This isn’t the fashion show!”

Nightwing #2

DC Comics (October, 1995)

“The Renewal”

WRITER: Dennis O’Neil


INKER: Mike Sellers

COLORIST: Cathi Bertrand

LETTERER: John Costanza


EDITOR: Pat Garrahy

Dick is unknowingly saved from the assassin when Miggy comes back to again try to convince Dick to let her get together. Instead he takes her home, where her father is happy to see her. But still expecting the call from the Kravian embassy, he turns down a dinner offer and heads home, where the assassin is waiting for him. Dick barely manages to chase him off, but he did drop his phone, which Dick uses to learn he was sent by the Kravian dictator, a scarred man whose father is trying to talk him out of his madness only to be put in “protective custody” for his troubles. With information from Oracle and a new upgraded costume created by Harold, Nightwing exits retirement and tries to sneak into Kravia, just as an ethnic cleansing has begun, and now Nightwing is in the middle of the action! And he gets a call from Miggy asking for his help, which reveals his location to the soldiers!

What they got right: I like Nightwing’s new costume. Yes, even the silly ponytail. The costume fits Dick’s more acrobatic style just has a nice look overall. The fight is also pretty good given that Dick is in civilian clothing and the killer is better than he thought.

What they got wrong: The Miggy subplot may have been better served as its own story, although maybe I’ll figure out why it’s here before the miniseries is over. It might have something to do with her life not being as idyllic as he thinks it is and comparing it to the life he wishes he had and was trying to find before finding that letter.

Recommendation: So far this miniseries is as good as I remember it. It’s worth checking out.


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